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Check TEC Out!

Angus Health & Social Care Partnership has recently launched the Check TEC Out initiative. This project has been funded through the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Programme.

We know that people are often unaware of the potential of technology and how it could help them to live independently in their own home. With Check TEC Out people are offered the opportunity to ‘check out’ a range of technology enabled care (TEC) equipment, free of charge for 4 weeks. The equipment included in the Check TEC Out initiative is:-

Kirrie Connections has examples of all these amazing gadgets in our Technology Room, as well as some of the other useful devices which are available from the Community Alarm service. Pop in any day from Monday to Friday for a demonstration.

If you know of anybody who you think could benefit from any of this technology to support them to live independently in their own home please contact Glenda Hunter email: phone: 01307 473152 or 07984 458656. Anyone interested in trying this equipment should be aware that they will be asked to fill in an evaluation questionnaire to help learn about the effectiveness of the equipment.

This is a pilot scheme, and there will be an assessment process before the items are given for the trial.

After the 4 week trial, people will be given information on where to purchase this equipment.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Oct 28, 2021

Health is important and I am glad to know that you people are using technology in this department. I really appreciate you, but you can also use iot sims which can also be useful in the health business.

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