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Busy, busy January!

What a busy start to the New Year!

This has been a month for jig saws! We always seem to have one on the go. During all of our groups, there are always a few who gravitate to the jig saw table and plan to just look – they are still there hours later!!

And another one bites the dust!

Our Farming Memories Group that meets every Friday at 10.00am has got lots of participants. Talking about the different ways of farming, how things have changed – we even have a ‘guess what this is’ – members bring in different items, and long discussions take place trying to figure out what they are – and what they are used for! Must admit they were stumped at this one!

Any ideas?

Monday afternoon is for crafting!

This week we decided to make fat balls for our garden. Very messy, but great fun – lots of mess and lots of laughs! See our results! Think the birds in our garden will be happy!

Talking of gardens!

Our Gardening Group meets every Wednesday at 10.00am. Although it has been very cold and dreich, we met to discuss our plans for the future. Honeysuckle, cucumbers and purple headed broccoli were all discussed! Watch this space!

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