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The Angus Independent Advocacy is here to help with issues that members of the community may be having, to see a short list of what they can help with click below


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Alzheimers Scotland takes action on demantia by offering a wide range of services , some popular links are below but if you cant find what you are looking for visit the full website.


Types of Dementia


Living with Dementia

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The Life Changes Trust is funded by the lottery fund and works to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people experencing Dementia.


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Affected by Dementia

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The NHS Website will provide you with a catalogue of valuable infomation from care and support to explaining medical condidtions.


Dementia Guide


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The Angus Council Website will allow you to report a change in circumstances, pay bills, gain informations about local services.


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Voluntary Action Angus runs various projects and activities throughout Angus with the aim of delivering the best outcomes for Angus people.


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Angus Carers is here to provide help and support to carers located in Angus and the surrounding area, Angus carers can help with training and support groups.








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The Action on hearing loss is here to help with hearing loss and tinnitus by providing information and support to those affected by the loss of hearing.


Needing Hearing Aids?


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The Kirriemuir Day Care is here for the local residents of Kirriemuir and the surrounding area to help them live an independent life.


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Age Scotland the leading charity representing older people in Scotland and supporting their rights and interests.





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Coping With Dementia


NHS Health Scotland Book

This publication is for carers of people with moderate to severe dementia. This publication includes tips from other carers about how to live well and look after yourself.

Driving and Dementia - My Experiences

Dr James McKillop, DUniv., MBE

Published by Life Changes Trust

This very useful resource was written by James, a person who lives with dementia who wanted to share his experience of giving up driving because he thought it might help other people with dementia who have to do the same.